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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – Episode 2

So I waited a while hoping that someone would come along to do a good job on Denpa Onna.  GotWoot is almost there, they provided a solid list of translator notes at the end of episode 1, but even they didn’t manage to appropriately translate the rapid-fire verbal battle between the dude and his aunt over dinner.  When I can sit down with a Japanese-English dictionary and work out what went wrong with your translation, I begin to wonder why your editor can’t do the same, and I begin to wonder how many errors there were that I didn’t catch, as I have only had a year’s worth of Japanese.  But GotWoot is the best out there for this show, and nobody better seems to be picking it up, and I can live with one or two major errors per episode,  I guess.  So when we left off, the alien chick had just cast off her futon and was going to share a secret with the protagonist.  Let’s see where that goes in episode 2 of Denpa Onna! …thirty minutes pass…

Definitely getting a Kusakabe Misao vibe from her.

So we got to meet a few other girls in this episode.  They seem a little more normal than Erio, although I guess that is not saying much.  But they both have personalities within the bounds of ordinary high-school girl behavior.  Ryuuko is projecting an air of wackiness she’s been forcing for so long that it’s become natural, while Maekawa is earnest, but she’s tall, has big eyebrows, and tells jokes that are hard to recognize as such.  Ryuuko is a fun sort of person to be around, because she’s trying to be, while Maekawa is just sort of trying to get by, so who is interested in her?  I feel sort of bad for her, I want to pat her on the head and tell her it is ok to be boring.  But in my entertainment, it really isn’t. Not quite sure where they are going with this show.  They dropped a bit of drama on us there at the end, with Erio’s mysterious, trauma-laden past.  The question is, how serious is this show going to be?  Is it going to descend into melodrama with the comedic aspects serving only to play up how terrible everything is?  Probably not.  It might end up like Kanon, though, with the main character having to solve problems for a bunch of different girls and it’s light and funny most of the time but occasionally it seriouses up.  I guess that format came about because Kanon was a dating sim originally.  Denpa Onna is based on light novels, right?  So maybe they will keep things mostly light.  I guess it’s more important that they keep them novel.


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