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The World God Only Knows 2 – Episode 3

Last episode in The World God Only Knows, we were introduced another demon chick.  On the one hand, this is exciting, because so far every demon chick we have seen in this show has been pretty great.  More demon chicks = more better, that is the trend that has held these past 15 episodes.  On the other hand, remember what happened when they introduced a new angel chick in the second season of Sora no Otoshimono?  It’s possible that you forgot, so I’ll remind you: the show became forgettable.  The addition of a new haremette overturned old relations and reduced the show to a series of love triangle situations.  This possibility is especially worrying in that TWGOK has been pretty good so far about keeping the size of Keima’s harem low, by discarding women once he is finished with him.  Another demon girl is another girl that can’t be dispensed with so easily.

You might argue, just because a girl shows up does not mean she will join Keima’s harem, to which I would respond, ha.  Am I cynical?   I like to think I’m realistic, but I guess the only way to find out is to watch episode 3 of TWGOK.

…thirty minutes pass…

Has Keima been playing Ace Attorney? I wouldn't figure that too many dating sims would feature scenes of picking apart the holes in the girl's testimony, that is not generally something that wins you points with the ladies.

Whew!  Now there was an episode!  Maybe still not quite at Hanasaku Iroha’s level, but definitely at the level of a show that was the best show of the season this show was the best show of.  This episode really ought to have been bad, it was an infodump episode of a show that doesn’t need info dumped.  I don’t want to know the detailed backstory behind why you have to hunt wandering souls together with a cute demon chick, stop trying to introduce serious plot into my silly serial harem comedy.  It worked, though.  Partly it worked because Keima, Elsie, and, ok, Haqua are all fun characters to spend time with, but mostly it is the show’s consistently excellent use of visual metaphor.  When there was a threat of having a dry scene explaining the mechanics of demonic possession, Keima rescued it with clever use of a balloon and a body-pillow.

I was right about Haqua being another haremette for Keima.  Of course.  Keima is a grand master of the art, he can’t help but charm women when he takes even a moment to acknowledge their existence.  He has become a primal force of seduction, almost as… though… he were some sort of… Capturing God.  Huh.

I’m still worried about the turn toward the supernatural and plotty this show is taking, but I’ll save the criticism for an episode that falls short of excellent.


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