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SKET Dance – Episode 3

SKET Dance is hard to talk about coherently, because it is split into multiple subepisodes, touching on distinct themes and raising distinct ideas, but by the time the second half has ended I have forgotten all about what I was going to say about the first half.  I’m sure I had some trenchant freakin’ insights about kendo last episode, for example, but they’re lost in time, like tears in the rain.  Time to watch episode 3!

…thirty minutes pass…

Things have gotten a little more serious than I would have expected from this show!

Today is just a day of revelation I guess – I have just learned that SKET is not just an acronym for Support, Kindness, Encouragement, Troubleshoot.  Suketto is actually a term for someone brought in from outside to help out, as, for example a contractor.  The more you know!

Anyway that episode was all one episode, so I guess I am on the hook for some trenchant insights.  Well, I liked the show’s moral, such as it was.  “Don’t hit people with bats, or even hockey sticks”, it’s a lesson our society could stand to internalize a little better.  Oh, also, “smoking is bad for you, why don’t you eat a durian-flavored lolipop instead”.  Also a good lesson, I have always been curious as to what durian tastes like.

By exploring Himeko’s dark side, we see the true value of the SKET-dan: it’s a sort of reeducation-through-labor program.  You have these three kids who are hooligans in various ways, and they form this club to help others, but really what they are helping is their own souls.  So we saw Himeko’s dark side in this episode, her violent street punk past.  I guess we saw a little bit of Bossun’s dark side too – he does not get the respect he craves in his home life, so he creates a group with himself as leader to try to get some supplementary respect that way, only even though he is the leader people still do not treat him that way.  Poor guy!  Hopefully the SKET-dan will teach him to respect others, rather than worrying so much about whether he himself is respected.

I wonder what Switch’s dark side is.  Something to do with cyberstalking, probably.  Or is that  too obvious?  Maybe it’s that he can name the Magical Swindler Reality Maji’s Cynical Stick too easily, but given the outward appearance he projects, that’s not really a hidden dark side.  Given the outward appearance he projects, his dark personal issue would have to be something like, he has a secret 3d girlfriend and she’s a kogal.  Or something.  Do they even still have kogals?  It seemed like a fashion that deserved to die a swift death, so I’m probably just revealing how out of touch I am.


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