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C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – Episode 3

So you will be interested to know that I have finally figured out how to parse C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control’s subtitle, and it makes a lot more sense now.  See, to begin with, I had parsed it as ((The (Money of Soul)) and (Possibility Control)). But now, I have realized, the intended parse was (The (Money of ((Soul and Possibility) Control))).  This makes Money the undisputed head of the subtitle, but it certainly does seem as though a particular sort of Money is going to be important.  There are black bills mixed in with the regular, discernible only to those who have comprehended the true nature of the Financial District.  We have been told that there is nothing especially sinister about them, but who are you going to trust, some conspiratorial character in the show, or the title itself?  We’ll find out by watching episode 3 of C.

(Before we do, though, I’d like to briefly agitate to add parenthesis matching to the WordPress posting interface.  It comes in super handy if you need to for some reason parse a phrase for your readers, and it’s not like it’s useless for ordinary text.  (So long as you ordinarily embed parentheticals (and why wouldn’t you)).  I’m used to doing work in Notepad++ which handles these things for me, so having to count parens by hand feels like a descent into barbarism.  Okay aside over let’s watch anime.)

…thirty minutes pass…

If you're trying to set this guy up as a cool badass, he shouldn't spend his third appearance whining about how his daddy never loved him.

Ok, that explains why newcomers don’t automatically go bust immediately – battles aren’t to the death, they go for 666 seconds.  And if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, you probably aren’t going to escalate things too far trying to win.  You’ll lose, but you’ll lose small, not completely bust out by failing to land a macro-flation.  You would think that the enemies would do some macro-flating of their own while they had a weak target, but without attack commands  your Asset is probably in full on defense mode, so even against a noob their odds might not be great.  This doesn’t explain why the protagonist’s Asset expected him to be a capable combatant his first time out, but maybe she is just a bitch?  There’s other evidence to support that conclusion.  It also doesn’t explain why the protagonist is all of a sudden super important and the world revolves around him and everyone drops what they’re doing to watch him and the secret conspirator king takes time out of his busy schedule to be a surrogate father figure to him, but maybe this is just that sort of crappy shounen nonsense after all.  There’s other evidence to support that conclusion.  Ahhh, it’s a shame, I wanted to like this show, it had a sweet sense of visual style, and it was airing in the same Noitamina block of classy anime that also featured stuff like Shiki, Tatami Galaxy, and Eden of the East.  But in the end, the visual style was just a coat of paint over some forgettable Darker Than Black style nonsense.

It’s a shame to do this after I finally managed to parse the title, but I’m dropping C.  If there’s a spring show I should pick up to replace it, let me know.

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