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Kaiji 2 – Episode 2

Let’s return to Kaiji.  When we last left our hero, he did not have as much money as he would have liked to purchase snacks with, and so he had decided to once again return to his gambling ways.  Well, I guess he never really left them.  Even at the beginning, when he was living the life of an underemployed slacker, and junk food would have been in abundance, he was eager to get in on a new gamble.  Some folks just do not learn, even when they have to get their fingers sewn back on in a dark alley somewhere.  Well, probably the competitors in the mafia’s underground labor camp are not too tough.  Probably not all of them are even there for gambling debt, and of those who are, surely Kaiji must be among the higher-level gamblers, having made it face-to-face with a Dark Lord, even if he did end up losing.  Let’s get ready to see Kaiji crush some fools as we enter episode 2 of Kaiji season 2.

…thirty minutes pass…

3000 Pelica is, like, a bag of chips, right? I mean, sure. Chips are delicious.

I’m glad to see that Kaiji was thinking along the same lines I was.  Unfortunately, this game is a symmetrical dice game, so AFAICT there is no way for Kaiji to bring his amazing gameplaying powers to bear?  It sounds like regular chinchirin is a game with literally no player choices (except wager values, but all wagers are exactly 0 EV so who cares?).  And underground chinchirin adds the choice of whether or not to play dealer, but since all wagers remain at 0 EV that still doesn’t help.  It’s a pointless game of pure randomness, like playing War, or Deal or No Deal.

Unless you cheat! As I recall the grand climactic battle against the Dark Lord last season was a rousing game of “draw lots until someone draws the winning lot”.  It was made to be meaningful by cheating on both sides.  So perhaps Kaiji decides to cheat, and the person who has his own unique brand of fun with the notebook catches him by noting statistical irregularities.  (“Uh, do you know what the odds of rolling three ones ten times in a row are?  I’m rejecting the null hypothesis so hard right now.”)   Possibly it is the foreman who is cheating, and the earnest gentleman will catch him, and conspire with Kaiji.  Possibly I’ve missed some trick with passing or with bankroll limitations, although I don’t think so.

Come on, guys.  I want more games I can sink my teeth into, games with Choice and Consequence.  Right now, all we have is the Choice to gamble and the Consequence of losing your money, which is not really satisfying to me.


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