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The World God Only Knows 2 – Episode 2

Nichijou episode 1 doesn’t look like it will be patched anytime soon, so forget about it.  Who needs another wacky slice of life comedy anyway?  I’m more interested in drama, adventure, romance, shows where things literally ever happen.  Take TWGOK, where things are starting to heat up, with Keima trying to seduce a girl who is possessed by a spirit of her own weakness.  You would think that that would leave her little room to be possessed by the evil spirit the protagonists need to collect?  Maybe they are one and the same, weakness is pretty evil.  Anyway, Elsie managed to set Keima up on a date with her, so let’s see how that goes in episode 2 of TWGOK.

…thirty minutes pass…

Kusunoki VERSUS Kusunoki - Round 1! Fight!

I think I’m going to just skip the OP/ED, because the animation taxes my processor heavily, and while the animation is fine to look at, I’d rather not listen to the song playing over it.

I enjoyed this episode!  Is this the first time Keima’s actually been out on a date with a woman he was supposed to woo?  I remember the sporty chick was tsundere to the bitter end.  He ended up going to a party with the rich chick, which sort of counts I guess, but he went as her chauffeur, not her date, so probably not.  Then there was the idol chick, and I guess they went to a concert together, but it was a concert given by her, and he was the only audience members, so that doesn’t count either.  I guess he went shopping with the library chick?  For supplies to use in her library protest?  Yeah, it seems like this was the first ordinary date he’s been on.  I blame Elsie

The two of them made an adorable couple on their date.  It was nice seeing Keima’s casualwear sprite, and Elsie did a good job choosing an outfit to make Kusunoki look weak and vulnerable (in other words, cute).   And Kusunoki’s attempts at feigning disinterest complemented Keima’s attempts at feigning interest pretty well.  The scene in the theater with Keima on his PSP was sweet, because yeah, that is what you do when your well-meaning but scatterbrained assistant sets you up on a date that you are not interested in and makes you watch a movie you are not interested in.

The most important part of this episode would have been easy to overlook, though – Keima called Elsie cute!  Yeah, it was in the midst of one of his eloquent pontifications, when he will say anything to get the girl in the evil-spirit-hunting equivalent of bed, and yeah, immediately afterward he behaved as dismissively as usual toward her, but that doesn’t matter.  I want good things to happen to Elsie because she tries so hard, and so I can seize on any tiny scrap of evidence that yes, he really does like her back.  He really does like her back!  It’s sweet how he tries to hide it by being mean to her all the time.

We’ve got a new demon girl here now.  I wonder if this is to set up a love triangle scenario?  In the past, you couldn’t really have had that.  Keima’s targets are not plausible vertices, because he is doomed to be forgotten by them after his task is complete.  I’ll be interested to see how this develops.


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