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C The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – Episode 2

I’m going to have to watch C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control sometime, and if I keep putting it off out of fear it won’t be as good as the first episode/capsule description, I risk falling fatally behind on spring season.  I’m following 7 shows, that’s 1 a day, and I’m already a week or two behind.  Let’s just get it out of the way and watch episode 2 of C.  As I recall, the dude was just in… the place?  Ok I don’t recall much.  Well, this will be an adventure, then.

…thirty minutes pass…

Does pointless collateral damage get deducted from their bankroll/hp/mp?

Ehhhhh…  They’ve created a nice aesthetic for their show, but they scored most of the points they were going to score for the aesthetic in the episode where the aesthetic was introduced.  Now they have  to score points from things like plot, characters, concepts, and jokes.  I guess there’s also pulsepounding action, but that’s a mug’s game.  To move my jaded heart an action sequence has to be full of passion, friendship, and justice, full of brave turnabouts and clever stratagems and outcomes that follow logically from situations.  The battle scene in this episode was a pretty typical bad shounen battle scene, with the good guys getting relentlessly pounded on for a few minutes, then getting sick of being pounded on and busting out a novel supermove that totally blows the bad guys away.  Now, the first fight scene in anything is usually not so great, because they haven’t had time to introduce any premises to play with, but really the protagonist’s Asset should have mentioned something about fighting back the first, second, or third time the enemy asset smacked her in the face with his balls.

And to what extent have they really introduced any premises to play with?  I am as ignorant as I was when the episode started about how stuff works, only now I have a few examples of precisely what I’m ignorant of.  So answer me these things: you said that people who are forced into Deals rarely survive.  How do people usually get into Deals, intentionally?  Then what makes the protagonist so special that he is forced into it?  Why did he get thrown against a veteran?  If newbies always get killed by veterans, how do you get new veterans?  Why did his asset expect him to know the rules?  Why did his asset expect him to treat her like an expendable tool?  I mean, it’s a little reminiscent of the beginning of hit indie Japanese pornographic visual novel Fate/Stay Night, with a woman showing up and getting stabbed in your place, while expecting you to know the rules of a battle you never signed up for.  So, I guess most of the Entrepreneurs are not recruited by the clown, but rather seek the Financial District out of their own accord.  And so they know what the heck they are doing and can treat their assets with proper instrumentality.

The parts that took place in the real world were fine. Well, there was a brief conspiracy meeting where people talked in vague generalities to make it clear that there was a conspiracy taking place without actually informing the viewer about anything.  That could have stood to be made interesting or removed.  But the black money thing is interesting, assuming it’s going somewhere.  I think that’s an assumption I have to make about the whole show at this point, and I’m not sure it’s warranted.  But I can hazard another ep.

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