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Yondemasuyo Azazel-san – Episode 1

Yondemasuyo Azazel-san, or in English, “he’s calling you, Azazel”, was about a demon-summoning detective and the demons he summoned.  I remember playing a game with a demon summoning detective in it once!  Or, I didn’t actually play that game, I read a let’s play of the game.  Kind of like the time I thought I had been to Shibuya, but it turned out that I was actually remembering a dream I had about reading a transcript of a conversation where someone described what they thought it might have been like to watch someone play a game set in Shibuya.  Experiences are purer the more intermediaries they pass through, like a coffee bean that has been through a weasel’s digestive system.  Similarly, segues are purer the less sense they make, so let’s watch Episode 1 of Yondemasuyo Azazel-san.

…fifteen minutes pass…

His form seems cute on the surface, but he behaves in a manner which is not cute. It's "ironic".

Well, at least it was a half-length episode.  I would say it falls into the usual trap of confusing obscenity for comedy, but it isn’t really all that obscene.  Maybe the semi-demi-hemi-obscene aspects are a red herring.  Maybe the actual usual trap it falls into is the usual trap of confusing exaggerated behavior for funny behavior.  This is what people are referring to when they complain about bad webcomics using violence as a punchline. It’s not just violence, oftentimes the characters like videogames a lot, and that’s the joke.  Or things of that nature, I need another example but I am not about to go read a bunch of bad webcomics to find one.  My point is, a papercut that isn’t funny doesn’t suddenly become funny just because it gushes blood everywhere.  These sorts of hyperactive “wacky” comedies are exhausting to watch, and there is nothing of value in them that justifies the exhaustion.  7/9 for Spring.

I’ve heard bad things about Toriko, and it was kind of marginal to check out anyway, so I’m not gonna bother watching it given that I have seven shows picked out.  Still hoping that the guys patch their damn Nichijou episode so that I can complete my survey of episodes one.


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