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C The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – Episode 1

Ok, C, the money of soul and possibility control, or whatever that ridiculous name was, has been called the worst anime of the season and indeed of some time by a certain other online anime commentator.  That doesn’t bode well for it being a the brilliant ironic masterpiece that I had hoped for, but then, it is the nature of irony to be object-level indistinguishable from sincerity.  Irony and sincerity are like the twins from Ouran High Host Club: they’re hard to tell apart, they keep switching places with each other to try to fool you, and they are super hot when they start making out.  However, I am like the female lead from Ouran High Host Club: I can tell them apart even when others can’t, and I often dress in men’s clothing.  So, let’s put my incredible discriminatory powers to work on episode one of C!

…thirty minutes pass…

The cab fare of the Beast!

I was really hoping that this show would be bad, so then I could make the obvious joke “C?  More like F, amirite, owned”, and then I could point out how in the hands of a lesser being that would have just been a lame joke, but in my hands it became a work of brilliant irony, and that proved my point about what I was saying earlier.

Sadly, I spent almost the whole show grinning like an idiot.  The US dollar bills in the OP that turned into soldiers! The guys who clink like coins when they walk!  The ATM card with pin-code 666!  The loan shark clown who was like, have you considered borrowing against your future earnings for the sake of consumption smoothing because after all it is all about the marginal utility of money (okay I may have read a little bit into things)!  They battle with cards, that turn into monsters, that are somehow linked to their bank account!  Their special Capitalized Name for their cardbattlers is Entrepreneurs!  Then there are demons, in the pocket dimension of The Financial District, who eat money and just don’t care.  This is one of: a brilliant satire about the evils of capitalism, a brilliant work of ironic absurdity, or a ridiculous house of cards that will collapse into nonsense at any moment.  My money is actually on the first, although we can’t ignore the probability of the last.  It’s all too easy to see patterns where none exist.

I feel like the non-ridiculous parts of the show are strong enough that they probably know what they’re doing.  I’ll watch the next episode with great concern, waiting for it to blow up in my face, though.  Still, 5/5 for Spring.  It’s going well.

One response to “C The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – Episode 1

  1. Mark April 22, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    Sounds like this show is ballin’ out of control

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