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Kaiji 2 – Episode 1

Let’s see if we can’t keep the streak alive. I’m not sure there’s anything Kaiji season 2 could do to convince me to drop it after only one episode. After all, I was ready to drop it after the first episode, and think how disastrous that would have been! So let’s see, where were we in Kaiji. As I recall, major spoilers for Kaiji season 1, he had just had his finger(s?) cut off by an evil mafia boss for losing a game of drawing-lots. Man, it has been three years. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a recap episode, we aren’t going to just seamlessly jump into Kaiji carving loaded dice out of his finger bones like nothing had happened. And what good are fingerbone dice anyway, if you don’t have fingers to roll them with? Some serious Gift of the Magi shit going down here. Well, let’s watch episode 1 of Kaiji season 2 to see how they play it.

…thirty minutes pass…

I'll take a potato chip... AND NOT EAT IT!

Well, they could always take the “…thirty minutes pass…” approach for seamlessly tying together two disparate time frames. That’s a pro choice.
At the start, I was a little nonplussed at this episode. I mean, I am here to see Kaiji gamble. It does not matter how many “zawas” you throw up, you will not be able to convince me that budgeting for snacks carries the same weight. But thinking about it, there are really a lot of parallels between Kaiji’s life as a subterranean slave to the Mafia and my life as a grad student. We both suffer under crippling loans it might take us fifteen years to pay off. We both live in spartan conditions. We both eat grim unsatisfying meals, except when we both decide to splurge, at which point we both decide that there is no point in wasting money and being unsatisfied, so we both spend far more money than we ought to, and then we both end up retrospectively unsatisfied anyway. The major differences I see are that Kaiji has hope of escape, and I see the sun slightly more often.

I suppose another difference is that I would never turn to gambling to try to improve my condition. I have been lucky enough to do badly enough gambling at small stakes not to try for large ones. It’s saved me a lot of naked weeping, I’m sure. Speaking of naked weeping, I was joking earlier, but sure enough, they crammed a shower scene in that served no purpose but to show Kaiji regretting his life choices while nude. At least they didn’t censor it. 4/4 for Spring.


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