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The World God Only Knows 2 – Episode 1

The best show of two seasons ago and the third best show of last year come together to be the same show!  And now they, both of whom are The World God Only Knows, are continuing.  As I recall last season ended with a filler episode, although to call it “filler” undervalues how amazing it was.  My point is, there weren’t really any plot threads in the air.  So long as we remember the premise, which was, dating sim enthusiast is charged with seducing a series of real girls lest he die, we should be fine with jumping right in to TWGOK Season 2.

…thirty minutes pass…

This show is just amazing at visual metaphor.

These new opening and ending themes are enormous downgrades, holy shit.  The animation is still top-notch, but the songs are just unlistenable.  Of course, I’m sure they will still find their way onto my playlist two months from now.  Half the music I listen to is unlistenable.

TWGOK remains excellent in all the various ways it had been before it took winter off.  Keima still treats the business of love with deadly seriousness and unflappable cool, Elsie is still adorably incompetent while adorably hard-working.  This new girl is… cute, sure.  Maybe a bit too archetypical.  I guess they have fleshed out most of their other heroines, so I should have faith that they will move beyond “tough girl is surprisingly girlish when you get to know her!”

I am really worried about the explicit supernatural elements that they are bringing in.  I want to see Keima seducing women, not fighting ghosts.  Even if he is fighting ghosts for the purposes of seducing women.  Even if he brings his trademark analytic mind to the problem of fighting ghosts.  I want you to leave the magical premise as premise and stop infecting my story arcs with  magic.

Anyway, yes, this is the same show I liked. 2/2 for Spring.


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