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Concluding Thoughts – Level E

Good things about the show:  The hammerblow punchlines.  In the best traditions of science fiction short stories, Level E generates complex situations, brings them to a climactic head, and then introduces a tiny change in perspective that forces you to reevaluate everything you’d ever thought about everything and suddenly everything is resolved.  The definition of a good plot twist is something you feel like you should have seen coming but didn’t, and there are a few truly excellent plot twists in Level E.  The prince and Captain Craft also have an excellent tsundere bromance going on. I just wooted a little when I saw that my spellchecker recognizes both tsundere and bromance – you and me, we are going to get along, spellchecker.  And even without Captain Craft around, the prince is an amazing troll, and it’s always fun to watch amazing trolls at work.

Bad things about the show:  Some of the arcs didn’t have punchlines, and some of them didn’t focus on the prince.  Without either of those two things, what does the show even have?  Just a bunch of technobabble and drawings of aliens.  That’s not what interests me about science fiction, you guys.  There were a few arcs that just went completely nowhere.

Memorable moment in the show:

The first punchline, when the prince’s plan is revealed.  That was the moment that I was truly enlightened as to the nature of this show.  Up until that point I had thought it was a mediocre action show with an interesting protagonist.

Worthwhile characters in the show: The prince was amazing, with his innocent smirking smile that he preserved no matter the situation, whether he was tormenting some poor mortal or in danger of his life.  He had an admirable dedication to the Way of the Troll.  Captain Craft was also pretty good, he was adorable trying to be a responsible adult in a world shaped by a petulant child.  The Color Rangers didn’t get strongly characterized, but I feel like I would have liked to have spent more time with Color Rangers White and Black.

All in all: The show kind of sags in the middle, but it picks up again near the end.  If you can handle the delayed gratification of an end-loaded science fiction short story, and if you have an appreciation for the fine art of the troll, you will get a kick out of Level E.


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