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Kore Zombie – Episode 11

I guess this is the penultimate episode of Kore Zombie.  They sure have their work cut out for them wrapping up all the extant plot threads in just two episodes!  I wish they were actually going to wrap up all the extant plot threads, instead of what will actually happen, which will be either a confusing rush to an unsatisfying conclusion, or a “to be continued” that may never be continued, and even if it is, will I pick it up?  Well, if these next couple episodes are good enough I might.  Let’s give episode 11 of Kore Zombie a chance.

…thirty minutes pass…

Not content with merely being a vampire ninja, Seraphim also becomes a violinist maid exorcist.

Or, they could  finish up early so that they have time for a beach fanservice episode.  That’s good too!  (That was not good too.)

I’ve realized something : this show is like what Haruhi would have been if they had let Haruhi know that she controlled the world and summoned angry giants when she got angry.  If she didn’t know she had that power, think how cheerful and bright Eucliwood would be!  She might even lead a band of plucky heroes to fight the disasters she herself unwittingly caused.

Although, I like to think that Haruhi would have the common sense to kill people who desperately wanted to be killed, before they wreaked too much havoc and killed too many people who were less interested in dying.   A wise man once told me, “Man if someone is begging to be [killed], [kill] them. I don’t see how that isn’t the move. They’ll just try harder if you don’t.”   She eventually killed him anyway, so it all wound up being pretty pointless.  If you know you will lose the negotiations, just give in before all the shared surplus melts away.

Yeah, this episode was bad, with lots of new powers out of nowhere in the middle of battle. Haruna’s double transformation technique,  Seraphim’s… man I don’t even know what to call it.  And then the necromancer spoke?  I guess it’s supposed to symbolize how she is no longer worried about causing misfortune, but it really cheapens things to have her talking so easily.  Any of these things would have been fine if they had been foreshadowed, but pulling something out of your hat in the middle of what is supposed to be a climactic battle is cheating.  You could have used all those earlier filler random encounters to foreshadow these abilities!  Like, the battle against the whale?  That would have been a perfect time to foreshadow your anti-whale fiddling powers.

Anyway, so I was pretty disappointed in this episode, so I see no reason to waste my time on the final side-story swimsuit nonsense when I could be moving on to better and brighter things in Spring Season.  Let me write up a few series concluding posts and we’ll be done with Winter, OK?


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