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Kore Zombie – Episode 9

Ok, so where were we on Kore Zombie?  It sure has been a while.  Let’s see, we had the one ninja chick accidentally married to the zombie, then the tsundere magical girl accepted her feelings for him, then the necromancer was kidnapped, and now we are watching episode 9.  Let’s go!

…thirty minutes pass…

Haruna points out my biggest problem with this show.

Maybe it has something to do with the long break I took from the show, but I couldn’t really follow why any of the things that were happening were happening.  Honestly, I doubt it has anything to do with the long break I took from the show.  I remember suddenly a flying enemy whale showing up out of nowhere in an earlier episode, did that ever get explained?  I guess they feel  like they have to fill their fight quota, and so they throw in shit on the level of random encounters to pad things out.  I can sympathize with their position, because they actually do a pretty good job of having burning passionate magical fight scenes, and who doesn’t love seeing Seraphim spam tsubame-gaishi over and over again?  But no matter how passionate a fight scene, if it doesn’t have connection to the narrative as a whole, it will just feel hollow.  I want to see the protagonists sacrificing to win well-defined victories over well-defined enemies, not enemies that literally fall from the sky.

Was there foreshadowing of Yuki containing a monstrous rampaging death machine, and I just missed it?  What even was the deal with that thing?  Is it a Persona-like manifestation of her soul?  Is it stored in her hairclips?  Is she it, and her body just a meat-puppet?  She said it was invading her, which I did not understand and I suspect the translation may have been faulty.  Probably the translators were as confused as I was!

I’d love to drop this show and move on to Spring, but I do remember that really top-notch fight scene that happened around episode, what was it, six?  I don’t want to miss out on another scene like that, so we’ll keep going I guess.

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