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Level E – Episode 13

Let’s finish up Level E, then we’ll be halfway to the glorious future of Spring Season.  And with Madoka stalled indefinitely, we just have to make it through the rest of Kore Zombie and then write three series conclusion posts!  All in the next couple days.  Well, no one said the life of an anime blogger was easy.  There are compensating factors, though.  Like for example, I get to watch the crown prince of Dogura (I had been referring to him as “the prince of Dogura”!  how foolish I feel) and his definitely crazy, possibly evil blackmailer fiancée bounce off each other.  Too bad it’s only lasting one more episode, but we will just count ourselves lucky to watch Level E episode 13 at all.

…thirty minutes pass…

This episode, summed up in a single word.

AAAAAAAH that was amazing.  This show is the Bakemonogatari of Winter 2011, in that it’s only the first, second, and last arcs that are any good, but those arcs make up for an awful lot.  The way the crown prince approaches life as a game, even matters of great depth and import, even as he faces his own death, or worse, marriage… it’s a joy to watch him work.  And I’m glad he found a wife worthy of him.  It’s a shame that the show ended there, I would have loved to have seen their married life.  I guess we did get that imaginary story flash-forward, that’s better than nothing.

I felt bad for Craft, he finally got to have a big heroic scene and then it all got taken away from him.  He’s a tragic character.  He believes all the right things, he’s a responsible adult, he has passion, friendship and justice… but since he’s not an ironic supergod like the crown prince, he’s reduced to a buffoon.  He just wanted to help his planet 😦


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