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Level E – Episode 12

Two more episodes of Level E to go.  I imagine this is the final arc.  I hope it is, because the single episode arcs in Level E have not really wowed me.  Let’s also hope that they bring in some original damn characters – if this arc turns out to be a callback to the STD insect alien princess, I think that I shall scream.  Well, let’s not worry about the little things, and watch Level E Episode 12 in a spirit of optimism.

…thirty minutes pass…

Math homework is a solid basis for a healthy marriage

You know, they say that arranged marriages are on average happier.   Dunno what they say about arranged marriages to hot moon princesses who might possibly be planning to destroy the galaxy.  Probably they are not so bad?  Fending off your wife’s omnicidal plots would give you something to keep you occupied.  Beats the hell out of idly tormenting your poor bodyguards.

Again we see themes of “women are evil scheming plotters” in this show.  Just once can’t we see an untainted romance between a genius IRL troll and a devoted moon princess?  I guess it is all for the best that she be removed from the picture though, to make room for the romance between a genius IRL troll and his overworked exasperated bodyguard.  They are so great together ❤

Good episode!  It was centered around the prince, which I think helped a lot.  The prince is the Senjougahara of Level E – he’s the single amazing character that carries the show.  I think the movie pitch episode was the only episode he didn’t play a starring role in that was any good.


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