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Level E – Episode 11

So that’s one vote for finish up and one vote for immediately start Spring. The one vote for moving to Spring seems to have a valid reason, though, and the one vote for finishing up seems to be hating on Spring for no good reason? I’m hype about Spring. On the other hand, it is not my place to argue with your motivations. Theirs not to make reply, theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die. I’ll compromise and spend a couple few more days trying to finish out Winter Season, and if I can’t get it taken care of, I’ll give up and start in on Spring. For now, let’s watch some Level E! We ended an arc last time, so the slate is once more wiped clean as we head into episode 11.

…thirty minutes pass…

The prince is an adorable stowaway

Those baseball players have a really weird prosodic structure to their speech.  Made this episode a little hard to listen to.  Those baseball players also have a really weird enjoyment of sports.  I guess that feeling of a team of hearts united striving passionately for a single goal is not one I can really understand?  I was on the Quiz Bowl team in Junior High, but I always viewed that as a personal activity even though there were nominally teams.

Just like the arc with the STD space insect, this episode’s resolution was unsatisfying.  More than unsatisfying, it was entirely glossed over.  A bunch of people get all concerned because a bus disappears, they stand around trying to figure out how to make it come back, they figure out what the problem is but are powerless to do anything about it, then the bus comes back on its own.  Not a compelling narrative arc, you guys!

I did enjoy when the Prince tried to make them play baseball dreamtime mafia, and when they despite themselves started playing it, but all in all this was a weak episode.  Where are those long buildups to hardhitting conclusions that SF short stories are known for?  It was another callback episode to previously introduced characters, too.  Are they running out of ideas?


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