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Fractale – Episode 11

Hey all, Locus Cosecant here. Spring Anime Season 2011 is beginning right now, with cool & cute shows like Kaiji Season 2 and the Chaos;Head sequel starting airing in the next couple days. Should I begin covering Spring, or finish up Winter first? I have ~9 episodes to go to finish out Winter, although some of that will depend on whether or not Madoka ever finishes aired. Also, I intend to make a concluding post for every anime I conclude. At a rate of 1-2 posts a day (which is terribly optimistic, but w/e), that would mean a week or so going by before I even start on Spring. Can you wait that long? These reviews are a service to you, so let me know what you think.

In the spirit of lighting a single candle rather than soliciting feedback about how best to proceed in the darkness, let’s finish out Fractale with episode 11. I am rooting for an episode of transcendent beauty that will legitimize everything that has gone before.

…thirty minutes pass…

Hahaha, I guess I was wrong, earlier, when I said it didn’t seem like you would need to be a horrible rapist to run the temple. Still, one rape every ~700 years in exchange for utopia? I’ll take that deal. There are a lot of people over the course of 700 years, I probably won’t be the unlucky one.

Good episode, emotionally moving conclusion. All the people who were supposed to die died. The good guys finally won in the end, even over the power of true love, which I was somewhat surprised and pleased to see. The only concern I had was how compressed everything was. They had a minute or two of creepy rapist taunting, a minute or two of rebels assaulting the temple, a minute or two of Phryne’s past life, a minute or two exploring the sacred garden… It seemed like any of those things could have been usefully expanded. Why was this an 11 episode show? They could easily have filled 2 more episodes, and with some effort they could have filled 13. We spent a half an episode with that vintage item collector, and we never paid off any of his setup. We spent less than an episode in Xanadu, which could have supported a major arc on its own. A guy hauls off and shoots Clain from inside a robotic exoskeleton and we never hear from him again? What is this?

In some ways that’s a more realistic adventure story. Sometimes antagonists shoot you, and you run away, and then you never meet them again. Ideally if a guy shoots you, you don’t meet him again. He might shoot you again!

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