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Level E – Episode 10

Ok, while we wait for the exciting conclusion to Fractale to be subbed, let’s shift gears to Level E, which is coming off a really awful episode. We’re starting a new arc, though, so let’s forget all of that nonsense and begin episode 10 of Level E!

…thirty minutes pass…

You know, eventually all the people in anime horrified at the prospect of going to America are going to start to hurt my feelings. America is a cool place! You can visit me! We could play Dominion! Or Tanto Cuore, I guess, if that is what you are into.

This episode was “ok”. I enjoyed seeing the return of the Color Rangers, and I am glad to see that they all are still friends, as sappy as that sounds. Mermaids are always fun to have around, and the idea of a weird alien who can detect lies is an interesting one. It was sad that they didn’t really do anything with it, though. I wanted to see an exploration of themes of hypocrisy and Newcomb-like problems – how do I exploit my ability to change my mind without having to tell any lies? Instead they exploited their ability to change their voice, which is a lot less interesting. I guess it did illustrate the importance of losing trust in your model when it makes bad predictions. Even if you can’t conceive of voice-changers, you should have realized something was up when the dude shot you. Anything you trust completely will drive you completely off a cliff if it ever fails.


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